People have filed in and filled the club. It starts with a technical glitch in the booth, then fanfare, then host William Stephenson. So far, except for Stephenson saying something upfront about the record attempt (explaining his casual wardrobe and the Red Bull fridge onstage), it seems like just about any regular comedy club show. With me here in the side balcony corner, we’ve got Las Vegas Weekly’s Julie Seabaugh, blogging for Time Out NY, and a reporter from The Sun. Stephenson told me he’ll also me keeping notes on a Facebook group devoted to the effort. This is a 50-hour show, but since I’ve already been up for 11 hours, this is officially a 61-hour marathon for me. Oh. My. If any medical journals want to monitor me for the impacts of Red Bull on a malnourished and fatigued body, you know where to find me. "This is going to be a long f$%&ing 50 hours!" Stephenson just told the audience. You’re telling me.