On the one hand, the announcement of Wanda Sykes as the main entertainment for the 2009 White House Correspondents' Dinner on May 9 is nice and all. Growing up inside the beltway, as they say, Wanda Sykes certainly knows more than a little something about the political power players — she even worked for the NSA before quitting her government day job for stand-up comedy. But, then again. Just look at the home page for the White House Correspondents' Association. A smiling, beaming photo of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, arm-in-arm during the inaugural parade. Which means none of the awkwardness that faced the past few WHCA dinners (Craig Ferguson, Rich Little, Stephen Colbert) even applies to Sykes. Colbert's infamous 2006 address made everyone care about this shindig, because he looked squarely into the squirrelly eyes of the Bush Administration and did not blink. As we all remember, the WCHA overreacted and booked Little in 2007, saw their mistake there and invited Ferguson last year, only to have him mock them. What will happen this year? Who knows…but also, who cares? Maybe we will in May. But today, not as much.