Video: Paralyzed Stripper AKA “Spearmint Rhino”

While we wait to see if and when NBC puts the SNL sketch featuring Casey Wilson’s paralyzed stripper, Dusty Velvet, on the Internets, here is a similar sketch from the Groundlings, circa 2006, written and performed by Beth Crosby. Crosby’s stripper does have use of her arms, however, whereas Wilson’s Dusty Velvet is paralyzed from the neck down. CLARIFICATION: For the record, I’m not implying anything sinister, as I know that Casey’s Dusty character has been around for years (and appears in the pilot for "The Right Now Show" and other places), so congrats to her for getting one of her own characters on the air. I’m hoping that NBC or one of my trusty readers will find video of Dusty Velvet for all of us to enjoy. (Someone has posted video, and you can find it here) Until then, enjoy this alternative.

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8 thoughts on “Video: Paralyzed Stripper AKA “Spearmint Rhino”

  1. Casey has been doing Dusty the paralyzed stripper at UCB in NYC and LA for 3 and a half years.
    Plus, I just heard on her NPR radio interview that it was one of the stand out characters in her SNL audition.
    This Groundlings character is not Dusty – Dusty’s funny.

  2. Thanks for the intel, Rhonda. I’ll have to look up that NPR interview because I’m interested in hearing more about Casey’s audition.
    It’s pretty clear these are different types of paralyzed strippers.
    I enjoyed the Dusty Violet sketch and would love to put it on the site, hoping NBC will see the light and help us out!

  3. And to clarify, Beth’s character is not “unfunny.” It’s just not as funny as Dusty to me. 🙂
    I’m a huge Casey fan and if I see the Dusty sketch online I’ll let you know.
    I also forgot to mention she did it for a pilot called The Right Now Show. Now I sound like a stalker, but really I’m just a comedy geek.

  4. That’s true, I saw Casey Wilson do the paralyzed stripper years ago in New York at the UCB, with Paul Scheer. It was probably almost 4 years ago, because that’s around when I moved, so well before 2006.

  5. i saw sam tripoli do a paraplegic stripper bit 8 or 9 years ago at the improv.

  6. i saw sam tripoli do a paraplegic stripper bit 8 or 9 years ago at the improv.

  7. Wow, I know Sam Tripoli and I didn’t know he could play a Female paralyzed stripper. I knew he was good, but that’s real good.

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