I made two distinct notes while watching Dan Mintz tape his first Comedy Central Presents half-hour special last summer. First, Mintz seems to go for a lot of awkward silences. Is that a stylistic choice? I must ask him someday. Second, this was the first time I’d seen him do a half-hour set, and I wondered if his offbeat voice and highly witty material could hold an audience’s attention as well as he does in five to seven minutes, or say, on Conan. Of course, since this is Comedy Central, the actual program will get broken up into easier-to-digest portions. Also, there was an even more amusing and awkward point in Mintz’s set in which he asked: "Can I get a volunteer from the audience?" Well, could he? I’ll be interested to see if and how they edit that sequence. In the meantime, here is a segment from Dan Mintz on Comedy Central, which debuts tonight!

More video after the jump. Spaceman suit? "But you dress the job you want, not the job you have!"