Sorry, Charlie: Highlights from the Comedy Central #SheenRoast

Comedy Central really wants you to interact with its Roast of Charlie Sheen tonight, so much so that it has constructed a customized online dashboard encouraging you to Tweet and encouraging a competition among the roasters to see who’s the most popular of them all.

They’ve also posted several video highlights already, before it even airs for the first of many times. Although will we be receiving bonus footage of Patrice Oneal’s unscripted riffing — much of which will have gotten cut from the broadcast, unfortunately? Let’s hope so, and┬átake a look at what we can look at now.

Roastmaster Seth MacFarlane read a pre-written obituary for Sheen.

The Roastmaster General, Jeffrey Ross, explained why Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez weren’t there.

Amy Schumer compared Sheen to Bruce Willis.

Slam poet Mike Tyson rambles on about something or other.

Anthony Jeselnik wasn’t allowed to make jokes about Mike Tyson’s rape conviction (and Jeselnik wrote several of those), but he was allowed to joke about how Sheen earned his first TV role.

And William Shatner, himself a previous Comedy Central Roast “victim,” asked Sheen to re-examine the women he chooses to have relationships with.

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