Frog vs. frog in comedy blog

Dave Saldana teaches journalism at Iowa State University. He also just launched a comedy blog called Killing Frogs. That’s right. Killing Frogs. That sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it, Todd Jackson? Do they have Google in Iowa? What would Saldana’s students think? And why must frogs die for comedy to thrive, anyhow? I never understood that. Especially when we still have truckloads of rubber chickens left over from yesteryear.

Sean L. McCarthy

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4 thoughts on “Frog vs. frog in comedy blog

  1. I just wanted to say Dave seems like a great, smart guy from my interaction with him so far, so I wouldn’t call this anything like plagiarism. More like “parallel thinking”

  2. Just as gracious and deferential as I would imagine you to be, Todd. First thing I ever do when producing a show, etc. is google the name / premise. Lesson learned I suspect.

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