Behind the CCP: Leo Allen

Leo Allen taped his Comedy Central Presents special with the same NYC audience as Eugene Mirman (CCP taped in groups of two, two groups each night in August; in this case, Allen went first, followed by Mirman). Some pairings seemed more random than others, so audience members might’ve arrived really wanting to see one stand-up, not so much the other. That wasn’t the case with Allen and Mirman. They often perform on bills together and generally attract the same fans. So this packed crowd was hyped up to see their guys get major TV time. Among the fans I spotted watching along were fellow performers Brian Posehn, Todd Barry, Dave Hill, AD Miles and Sarah Vowell.

But back to Leo Allen. Wait, try him on MySpace or Facebook, because he’s there more recently — in fact, I just received a Facebook event invitation to watch his CCP tonight at 10:30 p.m. EST. No worries. I’ve seen it already in person. And I can tell you to be on the lookout to see how Comedy Central bleeps him (he did drop a couple of profanities) or whether they edit around that. He makes use of the dramatic backdrop for his closing bit (hint: It’s about being ready for any conversation). Even from the balcony, it was funny.

Here is a brief interview with Comedy Central in which Leo Allen describes New York City and its underground comedy scene.

After the jump, the opening of his CCP special!

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