Timing really is everything.

One minute media is speculating that you’re taking a job with Netflix; the next, one of your fellow late-night TV hosts announces his retirement. In between, you’re on Conan, trying to clarify your own “retirement” plans. You, in this case, are Chelsea Handler.

And on Monday’s episode of Conan, Handler denied all reports that have tied her to a new job in TV, online or radio already.

Conan O’Brien brought up the Netflix deal, reported by some outlets today as a done deal or close to done. Handler’s response? “No. I haven’t made any decisions about what i’m doing. Everything that’s printed about me is a lie.”

What about radio? “Everything’s an option!” Handler said. “Honestly. You know what it’s like. You leave a job, and then other people come up to you and say ‘Do you want to do this? Or this?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know. I want to go to Spain.'” That last part is a joke. Sort of. Handler really does want to get away, at least for a while.

Roll the clip!