Shoot the Messenger, with Roseanne, Mo Rocca

The Ace of Clubs basement got packed more than I’d ever seen it Monday night for Lizz Winstead’s weekly Shoot the Messenger show, which has only gotten stronger as a morning-show parody since the last time I saw it. And it’s also got a Web site now (thanks to Todd Jackson from Dead-Frog), so you can get a glimpse of what you’re missing.

Anyhow. Monday night’s guests were Roseanne Barr and Mo Rocca. Roseanne (who also shared the stage Tuesday with Rosie O’Donnell at her NYCF Avery Fisher Hall show), took part in two interviews: one fake, and one very real. Roseanne had a lot of things to say about the current White House administration, none of them favorable and few of them printable here. But she pointed out that even being able to speak her mind shows we’re still a free country. "As they get loudmouthed women to shut up, it’s all over," she said.

Roseanne on Ann Coulter: "She talks for the people she talks for absolutely and perfectly, but she baits people." Especially the liberal white men who hate her, Roseanne said.

Mo Rocca, on tonight’s political comedy panel at the 92nd Street Y for the NYCF, previewed his special "Liz Taylor marriage electoral rosetta stone," in which you can view American history through her romantic entanglements. "If Liz is ready to date a black man then America is ready to elect one," Rocca said. He also said the 2008 presidential campaign has been boring so far. "It’s essentially a defensive campaign because everybody’s worried about saying the wrong thing," he said. And as for voters? "It’s like we’re victims of spousal abuse," he said. "We don’t trust them because we know they’re going to screw around with us and f— Iran."

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