Josh Jones: “Gobsmacked” at Edinburgh Fringe 2023

**** (out of 5)

Gays or geese? Buxton or boxing? I confess I may have been confused by this gay 30-year-old’s Manchester accent, a voice he says he obviously wouldn’t have chosen, even if it may sound like a retired lollipop lady and also make said ladies feel safe on an overnight carriage. That said, he has found himself in two fights in his life, not with childhood bullies but in surprising adult locations with even more surprising results! Josh is in a happy relationship now, but thankfully his older brother is single which results in Josh receiving invitations to events that make for great material. His first United match in Wembley leads to a TV gig sparking jealousy and envy in his comedian friends. He’s also not afraid to get dirty, although he gets very clean beforehand. So to speak. Jones jokes he’s taking this hour on tour later, where most of his fans will be gay men, so these older straighter Fringe crowds are a test. A fun test at that. One things for certain: You won’t leave this show feeling bummed, no matter how much Josh has been.

Josh Jones: Gobsmacked runs through Aug. 27 at Pleasance Courtyard Baby Grand

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