Employees of the Month (November 2022): Comedians Mocking Elon Musk on Twitter

Comedy doesn’t have a Human Resources department, so leave it to The Comic’s Comic to dole out honors and/or discipline accordingly. Our Employees of the Month for November 2022 are the comedians mocking Elon Musk on Twitter. Congrats!

NOTE: This is a feature I introduced on my Substack, Piffany, in 2021, and have transferred over to The Comic’s Comic, where it truly belongs. Past Employees of the Month for this current year have included: Sarah Sherman (October) Kate Berlant (September), Alyssa Limperis (August), Janelle James (July) Joel Kim Booster (June), The Kids In The Hall (May), Jerrod Carmichael (April), Amy Schumer (March), Volodymyr Zelenskyy (February), and W. Kamau Bell (January).

My friend and colleague Jason Zinoman wrote in his most recent New York Times column about how Elon Musk’s misunderstanding of both humor and free speech are plaguing not just Twitter but our social discourse.

But it’s the comedians putting their reputations and leverage on the line who had to make the point hit home.

Comedians such as Kathy Griffin, whom Musk banned, then eventually un-banned, only to misspell Griffin’s name in the process. She decided she’d rather leave Twitter behind instead. You can find Griffin on Mastodon, Post and anywhere but Twitter.

Comedians such as Sarah Silverman, who Musk suspended, then eventually unsuspended.

Or actors/improvisers such as Rich Sommer, and YouTuber Ethan Klein.

Or comedians and actors such as Kyle Kinane and Michaela Watkins, who continue to have changed profile names mocking Musk.

They’re all stepping up to demonstrate time and again to leave the comedy to the professionals.

Thank you all for your service.

An early frontrunner for December comes courtesy of Josh Gondelman, who wrote this essay, “How to Hate a Jew Like a Jew,” for McSweeney’s.

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