Comedy Central is staying in the half-hour special business in 2021, filming three new half-hours this weekend in New York City.

Ian Lara, RB Butcher and Yedoye Travis will get the Comedy Central special treatment on July 30, filming their half-hours at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

The July 30 recordings also will shoot shorter sets with Aminah Imani, Andrew Orolfo, Ashton Womack, Chanel Ali, Dan Perlman, Emma Willmann, Gianmarco Soresi, Irene Tu, Jared Goldstein, Kate Willett, Lucas O’Neil, Matthew Broussard, Reggie Conquest, and Sam Tallent.

If you’re fully vaccinated and 21 or older, then you can request free tickets to the tapings through The Black List.