Adam Eget Leaving The Comedy Store to run Joe Rogan’s Austin Comedy Club at One World Theatre

Unless Adam Eget is pranking both me and his longtime colleagues at The Comedy Store, the club’s longtime booker has announced — on April 1 — that he has left Los Angeles for Austin to run the new comedy club that Joe Rogan plans to open in Texas’s capital city.

Austonia broke the news Thursday, and then Eget confirmed it himself.

I guess the cat is out of the bag. After eleven truly magical years at my home @thecomedystore I’m starting a new chapter and moving to Austin. While I’m incredibly sad to leave my family, friends and @thecomedystore family behind, I’m unbelievably excited to help build this new club from scratch with my brother @joerogan Trust me when I say that this club will be EPIC on every level. I can’t thank @joerogan enough for this opportunity and @thecomedystore for making all of this possible. This has been the greatest decade of my life. I feel so blessed and can’t comprehend how lucky I’ve been. I’m from LA and have lived here most of my life, so trust me when I say, I’ll be back to visit often. Thanks to all of my incredible friends and family who have supported me over the years. I love you with all of my heart. I’ll shut the fuck up now. #thecomedystore #austintexas #joerogan

One World Theatre, located west of both Mopac and 360 on the outskirts of Austin’s Westlake neighborhood, still has an active calendar of concerts on the schedule through 2022. No word from the venue yet on any potential changes in the near future.

The theatre itself was initially built as a private residence and home for the Buddahfield cult, as depicted in the 2016 documentary, Holy Hell. It was sold to the current owners, Hartt and Nada Stearns, and reopened as One World Theatre in 1999.

Rogan moved to Austin last year during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of his frustration with Southern California as well as his multi-million-dollar deal with Spotify. Rogan made no secret about wanting to open his own comedy club in Austin that could function as his home club, replicating the feel he enjoyed about The Comedy Store, as well as attract and recruit his funny friends to perform there. He already convinced Tony Hinchcliffe to move his “Kill Tony” show and podcast from The Store to Austin, and other comedians, including Tim Dillon and Fahim Anwar, put down temporary roots in the area. Now Eget, who brought Rogan back to The Store when he took over booking at the legendary Sunset Strip venue, will help Rogan attract others to Austin. Eget was on last week’s episode of Kill Tony, even.

From the other coast, The Creek and The Cave already has closed its doors in New York City and begun final work renovating a new venue in downtown Austin.

Austin’s longtime mainstay comedy club, meanwhile, Cap City, is in the process of moving into a new spot in the Domain center north of the city.

More on this as it develops!

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