Review: Brian Regan, “On The Rocks” on Netflix

Brian Regan is a great comedian. Has been for decades now. His new hour, out now on Netflix, is pretty great, too.

It’s just. It’s just, well, so baffling that Regan filmed his new special, On The Rocks, to a packed audience in the middle of this pandemic, and pretended like nothing was weird about it. Unless you count the one joke he made about his hair turning gray during self-quarantine. Did you count that?

Regan, like both Seinfeld and Gaffigan, continues to show a mastery of taking observational comedy to the extreme, investigating topics with a fine-tooth comb, except when Regan does it, he’s also adding a deft physicality both with his legs and his facial expressions. So when he demonstrates the futility of a phrase such as “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time,” or the awkwardness of orchestra pits and marching bands, you don’t have to picture it. Regan’s done all of the hard work for you, bringing his sketch ideas to life onstage.

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