NYC’s The PIT Main Stage Theater Has Closed

And another one. NOT NOW DJ KHALED. Or for you older kids who grew up on Queen, another one bites the dust.

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed another brick-and-mortar comedy institution, as The People’s Improv Theater in New York City has announced the closing of its main site on East 24th Street.

From just now via Facebook:

We are trying to be as transparent as we can with everyone and will be able to give more details and updates as they arise. The best way you can help is by volunteering your time today until 4pm and Monday-Friday of next week 10am-4pm to pick up any props left at The PIT (123 E 24th Street), help organize, and purchase any items from The PIT here.

Founding owner Ali Reza Farahnakian: “It was never my space, it was always her space, Ardelle Striker. She built it in 1995 at 70 years old and we looked after it best we could. I never really noticed the EXIT sign underneath, but it was always there. It’s been over 11 months that we have been shut down and eventually we have to surrender to survive. So we are in the process of surrendering the space. The PIT was never just a space. The PIT LOFT and Pioneers still remain for now, but tomorrow is promised to no one during a once-in-a-century global pandemic. Thank you to everyone for all your help keeping this ship sailing for 9+ years. I will be here cleaning and organizing during the days for the next few weeks with anyone who wants to help. Feel free to come by and say hello or goodbye. Just let me know to make sure I’m here and not running around. Godspeed to a brighter future.”

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