Tournament of Laughs 2020 on TBS: Who are the Final Four?

Still have no idea how many people are voting in the inaugural Tournament of Laughs on TBS, but they’ve announced the “Fortunate Four” competing for the title tonight…

Natasha Leggero vs. Piff The Magic Dragon


Chip Chipperson (Jim Norton) vs. Tim J. Dillon

Leggero beat out Jeff Ross, while Piff beat out Matteo Lane. In the other brackets, Norton’s character beat out Gilbert Gottfried and Dillon beat out Michael Rapaport.

Since we’re not seeing any vote totals, it really seems as though it’s up to whomever has the biggest and most loyal fan engagement on social media, rather than the actual quality of any of the videos. So who will win this thing?

Voting is open now until 10 a.m. Eastern on Monday, and the winners will be announced next Sunday, Aug. 2, as well as the overall winner?!

Here are the videos from the Fortunate Four, plus a bonus video of Will Forte interacting with host Jason Sudeikis, buddy comedy back in business, with Forte as Dr. Komedee.

Chip Chipperson is new to online dating and wants to make a good first impression.

Natasha Leggero video chats with her fans and offers valuable life advice

Piff the Magic Dragon is the star of a high-octane summer blockbuster featuring some very exciting cameos.

Tim Dillon gives a couple some controversial advice on adapting to the new normal.

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