Conan O’Brien took his TBS show out of his home and into Largo at The Coronet Theater in West Hollywood on Monday, along with a skeleton crew and an “audience” of one, his assistant, Sona.


Let Conan explain it: “Well, a lot of theaters across the country are struggling right now, and we really wanted to help one of the local empty theaters here in Los Angeles. So, we chose Largo. Largo is a very special place to everyone in the Los Angeles comedy community. Just about everybody’s performed here. And, here’s a fun fact: I started here doing inprov. That’s right. I got my first laughs here in 1985. And got my last laughs here in 1991. No laughs since. Bit of a drought! Heheheh. No, ,me laughing at myself doesn’t count.”

Everyone inside Largo wore masks and kept their distance from each other. And Conan’s first Largo guest, Will Ferrell, Zoomed in separately.