Tournament of Laughs on TBS: Week 3 Matchups

TBS hasn’t been keeping up really up to date on voting from the first two weeks of head-to-head comedy videos for its first-ever Tournament of Laughs competition.

But with barely an hour before broadcast of week three, obviously the comedians had to know if they were submitting new videos. And now the brackets have been updated accordingly. At least half of them, anyhow.

So here’s what we should expect tonight:

  • Jeff Ross vs. Aida Rodriguez (Ross advancing past Beth Stelling; Rodriguez over Moshe Kasher
  • The Sklar Brothers vs. Piff the Magic Dragon (Sklar twins beating out Yamaneika Saunders; Piff over Judah Friedlander)
  • Josh Wolf vs. Gilbert Gottfried (Wolf advancing over Vladimir Caamano; Gottfried over Sarah Tiana)
  • Margaret Cho vs. Michael Rapaport (Cho beating out Ian Edwards; Rapaport over Jessica Kirson)

No word yet on how many votes came in or the results, but when we get them, we’ll let you know! When the episode aired, they revealed nothing about vote totals, but teased new videos from all of the first-round comedians, which suggests they required comedians to keep submitting new videos before letting them know if they were still in the competition.

Here are the videos from these second-rounders…

Mother Cho Makes Her Own Fun
Margaret Cho’s “mother” explains how her family would keep themselves entertained while hiding from assassins.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Home Club
Gilbert Gottfried creates a comedy club in his home, where he faces a tough crowd.

Michael Rapaport’s Kitchen
Meet the real Michael Rapaport, who is nothing like his crazy online persona.

Piff on the Street
Piff the Magic Dragon takes to the Vegas streets to do stand-up and pull off a semi-original magic trick.

The Sklars Can’t Agree
The Sklar Brothers spend all day arguing about a new direction for their comedy act.

Josh Wolf’s Cat Song
Josh Wolf sings a song written by his daughter that sounds very different coming from a grown man.

Aida Rodriguez’s Karen Story
Aida Rodriguez knew the original “Karen” and tells the story of how she went off the rails.

Jeff Ross Does Yoga With Dogs
Jeff Ross and his Hollywood stunt dogs get down on the yoga mat.

Voting will reopen tonight on these matchups at the TBS Tournament of Laughs site.

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