Seth Meyers is a better stand-up comedian than you might expect from a late-night TV talk-show host whose previous experience came primarily from sketch and improv.

In his Netflix debut, Meyers shines especially by straying away from topical political bits, and focusing on his family. As I wrote last year in Decider:

Meyers fills us in on his family life, joking about how he dated his wife for five years before proposing to her (“You cannot bring a woman who is expecting an engagement ring to Paris,” he advises after learning the hard way) to how he fumbled his way through much of the wedding planning, to how he and his wife have adjusted differently as parents after having a second child.

There is, naturally, a big chunk devoted to that second childbirth, which happened in the lobby of their apartment building. At the end of his retelling, Meyers jokes that one of the 911 responders quipped “Guess you got your monologue for tonight.”

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