Review: Nikki Glaser, “Bangin'” on Netflix

There’s a moment about 13 minutes into Nikki Glaser’s 2019 Netflix special in which she jokingly describes her origin story.

“An innocuous compliment from a guy you like means everything. I don’t think you guys understand what power you wield with just dumb compliments. I stand before you tonight because I did stand-up one time 15 years ago on a whim. I was like, ‘I’ll try it.’ And I was fine, but a hot guy after the show was like, ‘You were great.’ and I was like, ‘I’ll do it forever. Thank you.'”

Bangin’ isn’t about her comedy career, though; rather, as I wrote in Decider last year:

It’s not so much a TED Talk as, well, a SEX ED Talk. A DR. RUTH Talk? I suppose I should update that reference to Loveline to hit Glaser’s age group’s coming of age. Or just defer to Glaser’s own staging and call it a NIKKI, in honor of her name in lights behind her.

Glaser speaks up and out for women in knowing their true worth in relationships and joking about how men are going to have to meet them halfway. So to speak.

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