Comedians in 2020 Super Bowl TV commercials

Bill Murray may have won the buzz buzz buzz for agreeing to redo Groundhog Day when it coincided with Super Bowl Sunday. But there were plenty of stand-up comedians and comedic performers who also broke big, or sold out, for the biggest calendar day for TV advertising.

My personal favorite has to be Tony V.

Mostly because Hyundai stacked the deck for its “smaht pahk” ad with Massachusetts stars, such as Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and David Ortiz, but also remembered to include a bonafide Boston comedy landmark in Tony V.

The South Korean car company also let Tony V run Hyundai Twitter account on Super Bowl Sunday alongside comedian Robert Kelly. Nice double down.

There’s a brief but the check still cashes appearance by Addie Weyrich in Walmart’s sci-fi all-star roundup.

Iris Bahr starred in the Reese’s Take 5 candy bar ad.

Andy Kindler explained why you should watch XFL on FOX next week.

Matt Walsh got invited to the funeral for Mr. Peanut?

Rob Riggle is the Bounty man now?

Rick and Morty went meta, naturally, for Pringles.

And then there were the big comedy stars who sold out.

Jimmy Fallon for Michelob Ultra.

Ellen DeGeneres for Amazon, because she continues to be friends with anyone, apparently.

And the most head-scratching of all, Chris Rock for Facebook, in 2020.

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