R.I.P. Chuck Dauble

You probably could name at least one famous person who came out of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, if not several dozen.

But everybody who performed at the UCB could tell you about Chuck Dauble. They’d describe Dauble as affable and irritable, sometimes at the same time. They might tell you he loved Detroit and its sports teams. They might recall his improv shows with fellow Chucks Todd and Sanders. They might regale with you escapades at UCB’s house bar, McManus. I can tell you how he was always the nicest, easiest person to work with in the basement underneath Gristedes for the 10 years I visited UCB’s Chelsea theater. And now we all can tell you how saddened we are that he’s gone. Dauble, the longtime house manager for UCB Chelsea, died suddenly Wednesday of a heart attack. He was only 44.

Charlie Todd writes: “Some of the most fun I’ve ever had on stage was with Chuck Dauble. In 2005 I asked Chuck to be on a 3 on 3 team with me and Charlie Sanders. I had never seen him improvise. I asked him for exactly one reason: Charlie Sanders already said yes, and I thought it would be funny to have three guys named Charlie on a team. Turned out, he was hilarious. We won the tournament and won the CageMatch tournament a couple of years later. While he came off as a grump from behind the box office window, on stage he was full of energy, wildly unpredictable, and a joy to play with.

Chuck was a kind friend, always randomly texting to check in and share some news or ask about my kids, usually at 4 AM when the rest of the world was asleep. Chuck you left us way too soon pal. I know you’re up in the big recliner in the sky, watching the Tigers and ordering some food. RIP.”

Dauble starting taking classes at UCB back in 1999, and remained a fixture onstage and off ever since. He put on multiple shows with fellow UCB fixture Jawnee. Here’s the intro to one of those shows.

I don’t have information on services yet, but if you want me to share them, I certainly will.

A Go Fund Me for his family is here: https://www.gofundme.com/the-chuck-d-final-detroit-pizza-fund

From longtime UCB tech guru Pat Baer yesterday: “Chuck Dauble passed away today. He was THE house manager at UCB Chelsea. Had two sketch show runs. Won 3×3. Survived a bad health scare once. Wanted you to stay an intern if you were great and didn’t want a hug. He was funnier than he ever gave himself credit for and I’m going to miss him.”

From Billy Merritt: “Truly saddened by Chuck Dauble’s passing.
He was a great guy, a funny guy, and just a good person.
He was one of the people that helped make the UCB Chelsea a home for many of us.
He was always there to have a drink with you at McManus.
You will be missed.”

From Anthony King: “The UCB exists because there are dedicated people behind the scenes working harder than they have any reason to work to make it the weird, ridiculous comedy home it’s become for so many of us.

Chuck was one of those people. In fact, I think Chuck may have spent more hours in that Chelsea basement than anyone. He wasn’t always in a good mood. And he didn’t like putting up with bullshit. But he was always funny. Always dedicated. And he made that place RUN.

When I would come back to NYC from LA, seeing Chuck is what made me feel like I still belonged there. He was a good guy. A loyal guy. Fun to drink with. And one hell of an improviser.

RIP Chuck. You made my life better.”

From Jon Daly: “RIP Chuck Dauble AKA Chuck D. I still love the weird comedy album he made with Jawnee. A good dude! ❤️

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