Tiffany Haddish has her own seasoned salt with Lawry’s

Tiffany Haddish is all over our 2018.

And now she’s all over the home page for Lawry’s condiments, even selling her own brand of seasoning salt.

As the company line goes…

For the first time in Lawry’s history, a celebrity will appear on the bottle alongside Haddish’s family recipe for Joyful Greens. Fans can also watch Tiffany in action at, whipping up her cherished dishes and sharing personal tips and tricks for using her favorite seasoning.

The partnership quickly formed after the brand spotted Haddish adding Lawry’s Seasoned Salt to her signature recipe, Joyful Greens, on the Ellen Show earlier this year. “I brought over one of my favorite homecooked dishes, Joyful Greens, to a party with some celebrity friends. I love to cook and have always used Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, especially in my greens. Everyone at the party loved it,” said actress Tiffany Haddish. “After Lawry’s saw me prepare it on TV, they sent me a personalized bottle with my name, photo and the ‘She Ready! ™’ tagline!¬†Of course, I was excited to share, and everyone kept asking where to buy it.”

Here they are on Amazon, for a limited time only!

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