Review: Kirk Fox, “That Guy” on Showtime

Kirk Fox only really looks like That Guy when he’s sporting his mustache.

Fox had more of a five o’clock shadow going on when he filmed his Showtime special in Santa Barbara during, and he realized that “that guy” not only refers to memorable character actors in TV and movies, but also the older guy checking out women in a Coffee Bean.

Fox played “Sewage Joe” on Parks and Recreation, but a TV character best known for sending dick pics to everyone in Pawnee doesn’t land as that great of a pick-up line.

Fox kinda wishes he were a police officer instead. With the mustache, he’d look the part!
“Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a cop. I know it’s illegal. but that’s because I’m a good cop,” Fox jokes. Which makes you wonder if he’s joking or telling the truth about being invited to attend the police academy a few years ago. If he were on the beat, he’d stakeout the 24-hour car washes, that’s for sure.

A bit about the responsibilities of sitting in an exit-row seat on the airplane spirals into a series of what-if scenarios for Fox’s amusement.

Not quite as amusing for the comedian: His former marriage to Clint Eastwood’s daughter. He now has a girlfriend, or so he jokes in a nice variation on an old Mitch Hedberg joke.

Fox also has some amusing insights on whether you’d want to know when and how you die, even if he doesn’t know “when I’m going to do a special again.” So he puts it all on the line for his closing bit about receiving a massage from a beautiful man.

Does this special have a happy ending? No spoilers, but there is a callback.

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