Garry Shandling website relaunches as tribute to the late great comedian

The late great Garry Shandling has a brand-new website.

It launched this morning to both pay tribute to the stand-up, writer and innovative TV show maker, as well as to inspire the next generations of comedians.

“The site is being launched to give people access to Garry’s writings, both comedy notes and journals,” Bill Isaacson told Deadline. “So it’s really for two kinds of people, some who just want to smile and others who can learn from his comedic process and journey.”

Isaacson was both friend and lawyer to Shandling.

“We’re just trying to fill in the spaces of time in Garry’s life that was not covered in the documentary,” said friend Bruce Grayson. “We keep finding these gems of wisdom in his journals and his legal pads, so there will be more information added over time.”

That’d be Judd Apatow’s deservedly Emmy-nominated documentary, The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling.

“We’ve just found so much special material that it would a crime for it to disappear back into a box,” added Apatow. “I think it’s great that they are doing this website. (Garry’s material) will inspire people. There’s going to be a book, too — a scrapbook of journal photos and some of what we’ve found  — so it will not only be in the book, but it will also live on the website so people will be inspired by Garry’s spiritual journey as well.”

The site has sections devoted to Shandling’s stand-up and comedy philosophy, his life, his two groundbreaking TV series, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show and The Larry Sanders Show, his legacy, and a photo gallery of his life on and off-stage.

This site is run by the Estate of Garry Shandling in association with people who love him. The Estate will be gradually incorporating into the site the comedy writings, journals, video material and other pieces of Garry’s legacy. The site plans to offer a growing library of the materials of Garry for those who wish to stop and smile, or for those who desire to study his writings to help understand a comic process.

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