Jon Stewart’s personal message to cruel and dickish Trump on The Late Show

Jon Stewart popped back out from under Stephen Colbert’s desk on Thursday’s episode of The Late Show with a very personal message for President Donald Trump.

In part: “Everything’s off its axis. It’s a little unusual. Apparently now Putin and Kim Jong Un are noble, intelligent role models, and Canada’s a bunch of giant assholes. That’s hard to get used to. You’re re-doing the post-war alliances, only this time, we’re with the Axis powers?!”

Stewart’s real problem with Trump? No matter what he does, he does “with gleeful cruelty and dickishness.”

Roll the clip to hear Stewart in full, in which he bemoans Trump’s penchant for humiliating anyone who doesn’t bend the knee for him, and all-too-timely, mentions how Trump calls the press “enemies of the people” in the same afternoon in which one man with a grudge shot up the daily newspaper newsroom in Annapolis, Md., killing at least five and injuring others.

Sad. Mad. That’s what he is. What we are.

Sean L. McCarthy

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