Netflix has ordered up another round of half-hour stand-up comedy specials, this time with a twist.

Instead of calling them The Standups, Netflix is calling these comedians The Degenerates. What does that mean, exactly? Here’s the official description:

The country’s funniest, delinquent comedians are teaming up for this RAW and EDGY show at Triple B’s in East Fremont… before they all go to hell. This is “the Degenerates” — a new Netflix stand-up series featuring 6 “Not Safe For Work” half-hour specials. See you there.

Who are these degenerates? Big Jay Oakerson, Liza Treyger, Christina P,¬†Yamaneika Saunders, Joey “Coco” Diaz and a sixth comedian to be named later.

Who will be the sixth??? Place your imaginary bets here.

They’re taping these half-hours in Las Vegas this June 4-5. It’s free if you’re interested and able. Go here for ticket information!