Greg Davies is and has been famous in Britain on the telly for decades now.

Of course, if you’re not devoted to Britcoms, then you might not know who Davies is, or why we should care. So here’s the stats: Davies is almost 50, upward of six-foot-eight, and full-bodied. Most of his stand-up comedy has come from recalling times with his parents. Now that his dad has died, and his mum isn’t so keen on Greg talking about her any longer, what’s a big bloke to do?

Well, as I wrote in my review of his Netflix special, You Magnificent Beast:

Davies finds plenty of loopholes to still include his mum in his routine, as well as inspirational quotes from famous people (which he displays on screen behind him), and even the stupid things his friends say that can inspire his comedic mind. You’ll also find out why Davies didn’t cut it as a teacher, regardless of what you think of his Chris Eubank impersonation, and just which musician wound up someday driving Davies around in a taxi.

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