When you think of spicy honey, you think of Todd Barry?

I don’t know that I’d ever describe Barry’s comedic styling as sweet with fiery undertones, but that’s what he called his first Netflix stand-up special. Todd Barry: Spicy Honey. Instead: I’d call him sardonic.

As I wrote in my review for Decider, he doesn’t leave much on the cutting room floor:

Barry jokes multiple times during the hour about moments he planned on cutting (but obviously didn’t), leaving in a bit in which an audience members approaches the stage to retie Barry’s shoes. The mess may get fixed, but you’ll also watch the whole process in Barry’s world. He even jokes about hiring a professional organizer to help him move into a new apartment, yet refusing to take anyone’s suggestions on decluttering by removing. “I will pay someone 400 dollars to help me organize the stuff that I should probably throw out,” he jokes.

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Here’s a promotional clip!