Review: James Acaster, “Repertoire” on Netflix

If you thought releasing two stand-up comedy specials simultaneously was big, how about four at once?!

James Acaster did just that on Tuesday with Repertoire on Netflix.

Only one of the four performances in the collection is actually new, although all four were filmed just this past fall in Notting Hill. Episodes one, two and three (Recognise, Represent, Reset) were his one-man shows that received acclaim as among the best shows of 2014, 2015 and 2016 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Acaster created the fourth performance, Recap, wholly from inside jokes that refer to the other three shows and serve as a prequel to them — thus making the whole thing circular.

At 33, Acaster’s already celebrated as one of Britain’s top stand-ups. How well will he be received in America? We’ll find out.

Looking like a young Conan O’Brien (or for comedy nerds, a mix between O’Brien and Brian Stack), and sounding like a young John Oliver (or for you aforementioned comedy nerds, Daniel Kitson), Acaster exhibits parts of what make all of those comedians great, from parts both whimsical and thought-provoking.

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