Review: Gad Elmaleh, “American Dream” on Netflix

If you’re a bilingual of the French/English variety, it might be more than worth your while to watch Gad Elmaleh’s Gad Gone Wild before watching Gad Elmaleh: American Dream.

They’re both on Netflix. But you can see just what kind of reach Elmaleh has by watching them in this order. Gad Gone Wild was filmed in French (with some English) in Montreal; American Dream, all in English in New York City. The second is not a verbatim translation of the first, because Elmaleh also changes things up because of the different perspectives of his audiences, too.

Elmaleh came here with the description as “the French Jerry Seinfeld,” and much like the comedian who influenced him, Elmaleh isn’t usually offering up groundbreaking comedy, but rather a well-executed series of stand-up observations about common situations and turns of phrase that we usually take for granted.

Read my full review of Gad Elmaleh’s American Dream over at

And for much more insight into Gad and his transition into America, hear him tell me directly in our 2015 podcast interview on Last Things First!


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