Month: March 2018

Trevor Moore will host a 24-hour Trevathon on Facebook Live for Comedy Central

Trevor Moore and Comedy Central believe Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Moore will host a live 24-hour talk show onComedy Central Stand-Up’s Facebook on April 19 to promote his newest one-hour comedy special for Comedy Central, Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times, which will debut at midnight April 20. “Comedy Central is literally letting us take over their facilities for 24 hours so we’re going to use that time to crowd source a solution to every single problem the world has. We’ll take phone calls, host debates, interview people off the street and at the end of the day,...

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The Nerdist School relaunching as The Ruby LA

The Nerdist School may be dying this Easter weekend, but it’ll rise from the dead next weekend as The Ruby LA, a new, more inclusive training center for comedians on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. The Ruby LA’s launch will coincide with a 12-hour comedy festival, The Ruby Assembly, on April 7, 2018. Jen Curran, Lindsey Barrow and Randy Thompson from The Nerdist School are The Ruby LA’s co-founders. Their mission statement for The Ruby LA aims to reflect the shifts in thinking about feminism, inclusion and diversity in the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp. They’ll be joined by comedy faculty...

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Take a sneak peek inside the National Comedy Center, opening Aug. 1, 2018, in Jamestown, NY

The National Comedy Center has an official opening date: Aug. 1, 2018. That’s just a few days after the end of Montreal’s annual Just For Laughs festival, and located in the American center for celebrating comedy is located not too far away, in upstate New York — Jamestown, to be exact. Why Jamestown? Because it’s the hometown of the late great Lucille Ball, who envisioned such a place. Check out this clip with sneak peeks inside the facility, still under construction, along with many helpful testimonials from the likes of Robert Klein, Lewis Black, Jerry Seinfeld, Kelly Carlin, Melissa...

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Comedy Dynamics partners with Microsoft for “Backseat Gamer” series

If you like watching gamers online but wish they were funnier, then perhaps Backseat Gamer is the series for which you’ve been waiting. Comedy Dynamics will produce 12 episodes of Backseat Gamer, in which four comedians riff on the action while a fifth person plays a popular video game. It’ll all happen on Mixer, Microsfot’s new interactive livestreaming service. Viewers can also weigh in with comments, as well as votes for their favorite comedians. “It’s an absolute honor and joy to be working in the live space with Mixer and I’m sure the world will love what we cook...

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Review: James Acaster, “Repertoire” on Netflix

If you thought releasing two stand-up comedy specials simultaneously was big, how about four at once?! James Acaster did just that on Tuesday with Repertoire on Netflix. Only one of the four performances in the collection is actually new, although all four were filmed just this past fall in Notting Hill. Episodes one, two and three (Recognise, Represent, Reset) were his one-man shows that received acclaim as among the best shows of 2014, 2015 and 2016 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Acaster created the fourth performance, Recap, wholly from inside jokes that refer to the other three shows and...

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