The Definitive Guide To Comedy Festivals

In past years, I’ve assembled a chronological list of comedy festivals across America and the world.

Seeing festivals come and go and shift their schedules, this year, I’ve organized all of the comedy festivals by location instead of by date. And I’ve given them a permanent home on my LIVE! shows page on The Comic’s Comic.

If you see a listing missing or in error, please let me know. Thanks!

Sean L. McCarthy

Editor and publisher since 2007, when he was named New York's Funniest Reporter. Former newspaper reporter at the New York Daily News, Boston Herald and smaller dailies and community papers across America. Loves comedy so much he founded this site.

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One thought on “The Definitive Guide To Comedy Festivals

  1. I really appreciate the work you do every year creating the comprehensive list it has given me the opportunity to participate in many festivals that I otherwise would have not known when, what, or where they were. I understand you rationale behind organizing them by city but for someone like myself who does not care the location but rather timeframe it can be tedious to navigate through. Do you think you could maybe implement a filter option that gives the user the ability to alter who they want to navigate rather it be by city or festival date?

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