Open Mic Magazine presents Every Comedy Poster

From our friends at Open Mic Magazine, Tampa comedians Becca Childs and CJ Hernandez, comes this week’s fun mockery of ourselves.

Above is “Every Comedy Poster,” complete with all of the randomness anyone who has been in the comedy game for more than a minute notices — while every new comedian on the poster hopes everyone else just sees BIG SUCCESS STORY and comes to the show and brings 10 friends and buys enough booze that the bar invites the open mikers back to produce more comedy shows there.

Those are my words.

Here are a few more from Open Mic Magazine about this poster:

* Don’t forget to share your poster to every comedy group in your local area. Never mind that those groups are full of other comedians and not audience members, they’re supposed to be supportive!

* Remember, you can tag up to 100 people in every post! Make sure you tag every comedian you’ve ever met, ESPECIALLY all the ones who aren’t in the show.

* If your show doesn’t sell out, it’s definitely because that one guest spot comic didn’t share your poster. Never book them again!

If you follow Open Mic Magazine on Facebook, you’re sure to see other mock-up magazine covers that help you make light of your decision to remain in the comedy business.

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