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Highlights from Conan O’Brien’s trip to Haiti

Conan O’Brien and Team Coco have found magic in the past few years by taking Conan out of the United States for a series of one-hour travelogue specials. They’re usually planned out in advance, with help from local celebrities or tie-ins to the show.

Haiti is and was different. This was Conan responding immediately and directly to President Trump’s outlandishly ridiculous and racist comments about the island nation. And once you take even just a minute to learn the history of Haiti, then you know how wrong we are as Americans to take the island for granted.

You can watch the whole thing right here at Team Coco/Haiti.

Here are a few highlights, beginning from the beginning, with a history lesson, and Conan’s initial attempts to let the locals know he isn’t trying to take advantage of them like most journalists seem to have done in the past.

Here is O’Brien making merry at an elementary school.

And here’s Conan with Haitians on the street who have more talent than Trump ever will.

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  1. Conan is awesome as hell, as usual!
    Appears on the web , makes everyone laugh, and shows his charming smile.

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