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47 Things Every Actress Says During Pilot Season, by Kimmy Gatewood

Meet Kimmy Gatewood. She’s one of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of actresses in Hollywood who have been auditioning this month and last for TV pilots in the ritual known as “Pilot Season.”

She’s shedding some light on the process and making light of it in this new video she wrote and directed, “47 Things Every Actress Says During Pilot Season.” Featuring herself alongside Mary Faber, Bayne Gibby and Tess Paras.

“Making it in Hollywood can be tough – it’s a privilege to be an actor and a pain in the neck. This is a loving tribute to the monsters that we all become during pilot season,” Gatewood writes, introducing this video. “For those in the know or those who want to laugh at people in the know.”

Roll the clip!

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