Tom Segura reminds me of every great stand-up comedian that I used to see in comedy clubs before/between the booms.

Segura takes relatively unpopular positions and makes you laugh along with him at them, and does so with a tightly structured set infused with callbacks that pay off. He’s one-half of one of the funniest comedy couples going, too, with Christina Pazsitzky showing up at the end to congratulate him here on a job well done.

In his third Netflix stand-up special, Disgraceful, Segura tackles the seemingly politically correct wave we’re all throwing ourselves into and/or against these days.

As I wrote in my review for Decider:

It becomes clear that Segura does not act disgracefully, even if he’s pointing out annoying behaviors that he might enjoy indulging in from time to time, or even laughing at others for, if need be. Some physical flaws and disabilities simply are funny on the face of them. And after one story that may seem too offensive, Segura reminds us why he’s telling it: “I just feel a responsibility to remind women of what pigs men are…Every man has unlimited pig-tential.”

Not that the women need reminding in 2018.

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