Last Things First: My biggest podcast episodes of 2017

Before I deliver some hot, fresh episodes of my podcast, Last Things First, to ring in the new year, you really should check out my year-end episode with Jason Zinoman, the comedy critic for The New York Times. It’s our third annual celebration of the best moments and people in comedy, culminating in our nominations for Comedy MVP of 2017. We’re like the Siskel and Ebert of comedy! Get on board our comedy bandwagon before we become so curmudgeonly that we’re the Statler and Waldorf of the funny business.

In my third year of podcasting, I sat down with some of the biggest stand-up comedy stars from around the world, from France (Kev Adams) to India (Vir Das) to Australia (Aunty Donna, The Umbilical Brothers), as well as sharing the experiences of immigrants, LGBTQ comedians, YouTube stars, Facebook stars, TV stars, movie stars and industry power players.

Here were some of my biggest, must-listen podcast episodes of 2017, not last things first, but instead, in regular chronological order…