On Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast last week, the comedian made fun of electronica and EDM DJs in Las Vegas. “You know that DJ music?” Burr asked. He then proceeded to make a series of dumb noises. “You know what’s funny? Someone could DJ that. They could turn that into a hit song.”

One of his fans heeded the call and did just that.

Raffael De Luca explains: “I’m a long time Bill Burr fan and listen to his podcast every week. Last Monday he basically ripped into the DJ scene and I agreed with everything he had to say. From ridiculous nightclubs to the whole new EDM landscape in general.

“He sang some melody and I used it to create this track along with other hilarious sound bites from him. Enjoy!”

It’s really quite catchy. It almost makes me like electronica again! Get out on the dance floor, kids…

That’s the SoundCloud. Here’s the YouTube version.