Review: Jim Norton , “Mouthful of Shame” on Netflix

Jim Norton has released stand-up specials on HBO and EPIX, and now in 2017 joins the growing list of comedians moving to Netflix in 2017 with his fourth hour, Mouthful of Shame.

Here’s the intro to my review of this hour, via Decider:

There’s nothing you can say about Jim Norton that he hasn’t heard from another comedian or said about himself, whether onstage over the course of 20 years in stand-up comedy, almost that many years on the radio airwaves with Opie and Anthony and now without them on SiriusXM, or in two best-selling books of personal essays.

As he pauses midway through his fourth televised stand-up hour and first for Netflix, Mouthful of Shame, Norton acknowledges: “Because I’ve talked about myself so much publicly, people know so many things about me, and none of it’s a secret.”

And yet Norton says plenty more that you may not have heard about before. It’s all good.

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