Ticket Giveaway! See Chris Rock at Barclays Center

Would you and a friend like to see Chris Rock’s “Total Blackout” tour this Saturday night (Dec. 9, 2017) in Brooklyn at Barclays Center?

If so, then I have two tickets to give away to you. FREE! Yep, that’s right.

All you have to do is tell me in the comments below which one of Rock’s previous specials you’d show your friend before bringing him/her with you to Brooklyn, and tag your friend. Pretty simple!

If you could only pick one Chris Rock special to show your friend before heading to Barclays, which would it be: Big Ass Jokes (1994), Bring the Pain (1996), Bigger & Blacker (1999), Never Scared (2004), or Kill the Messenger (2008)?

Vote, then tell me in the comments why, and tag you’ll bring. Thanks for reading The Comic’s Comic!


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14 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway! See Chris Rock at Barclays Center

      1. i think it’s his most balanced throughout. not a single lull or joke out of place. can listen to it again and again. i’d be taking my fiance!

  1. definitely bigger and blacker because its great chris rock irrelevance at its best. id bring my fiance rachel!

  2. “Bring the Pain” is a stone cold classic. The only problem with showing that to a friend first is that it might set expectations too high, because it’s nearly perfect.
    (I’ll bring my wife.)

  3. Bigger and Blacker! The Biggest Piece of Chicken was classic!!! I can remember watching it over and over when it came out and reciting the words. I would bring my husband to celebrate his birthday!

  4. bigger and blacker – i mean…come on…whenever someone says anything’s BIGGER and BLACKER, you’re gonna want to at least peek. i’d bring a boss of mine who’s never seen much of anything big or black. (i’m black btw, SJWs chill out!)

  5. “Bring the Pain” was one of those rare, thrilling instances where a comedian unexpectedly rocketed up twenty notches and became necessary. Were I fortunate enough to receive the tickets, I would bring my daughter, who wasn’t even born yet when that A+ special came out.

  6. Bigger and Blacker so Maya can re-evaluate her desire to do a “there are women and then there are cunts” jokes.

  7. Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain is his best standup yet. Bigger and Blacker had some good things, but Chris’ material is so well thought out, planned and executed to hilarious precision

    I would take my girlfriend Maria, she would love to go

  8. OK, Entries have closed! I’ll notify the winner shortly with info on how to claim your tickets! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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