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Will Arnett guest hosts for Jimmy Kimmel Live

A night after Jimmy Kimmel delivered a heartfelt monologue about the emergency surgeries required for his newborn baby boy with wife (and head writer) Molly McNearney, he took Tuesday night off from work.

So Will Arnett temporarily took the reins of Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. As Arnett told the audience at the start of monologue: “Just think of me as your depressed, middle-aged substitute teacher who you definitely saw crying in his car before coming in.”

Arnett said Kimmel would take the rest of the week off, and referenced Kimmel’s Monday monologue. ICYMI, here that was. He received kudos not only from other comedians and entertainers, but also former President Obama!

As for Arnett…how’d he do? Pretty good!

Here’s a clip of Arnett interviewing the new host of The Gong Show, which he is executive producing. It’s Tommy Maitland. Or Mike Myers. Let’s see how that looked!

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