Review: Lucas Brothers “On Drugs” on Netflix

I’ll confess. I’ve seen Kenny and Keith Lucas individually and together sporadically over the years, but I never could tell you which was which. And watching their first Netflix special, Lucas Brothers: On Drugs, even off drugs, didn’t fix that for me.

As I wrote in my review for

Identical twins in stand-up comedy are rare. Rarer, still, the twins who refuse to identify themselves at all. At least the Sklar Brothers have their own looks and refer to each other by name. Kenny and Keith Lucas never say their names onstage, choosing simple pronouns of “you,” “he,” and “him” over proper nouns to acknowledge the other in a bit. Even a joke at the expense of their relative poverty posits that they hold a joint bank account. They both dealt drugs at one point. They both attended law school. They are one and the same, for any differences that may become apparent offstage, on it they are simply Lucas Brothers.

Inseparable, they joke about doing mushrooms in front of each other, the joys of watching Deion Sanders music videos, the not-so joys of working, how their favorite wrestler inspired their public school homework, and the silliness of O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson jokes that still hold up all these years later.

“Law school was worth it, just for this moment,” one of the brothers says. “Netflix already paid us, right?”

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