Review: Theo Von, “No Offense” on Netflix

Theo Von is a “reality TV” star who decided he wanted to be a stand-up comedian, and still, all these years later, he seems he’s still playing by the old cliche rule of “not here to make friends.”

His first full stand-up special, No Offense, debuted today on Netflix.

I wrote a review of it for, and nope, not impressed. To the point where I can only compare Von to Donald Trump, because is the entire act a big joke on us?

Here’s an excerpt:

I would have loved to hear at least another 10-to-15 minutes about that episode, but there’s nothing more to it than what you just saw in the teaser trailer.

Similarly, the notion that Von’s father was 70 when he was born is rare enough that his circumstances could be fleshed out even more than the youngest son decides to give it. Instead, he chooses superficial jokes about it, such as imagining his lack of competition as a sperm.

Saying “no offense” means you already know you’ve offended someone.

So what’s your intent, then? Shock value for the sake of shock? Pushing the envelope of acceptability? Or is it all just parody?

If Von had suggested he had learned everything growing up in Louisiana from his father – who was born in 1910 – then perhaps the hour offers a second perspective.

Otherwise, you’re left with your own explanations for jokes such as these from Von:

  • “Now they have 100 machines for women at the gym. When I was young they had four machines at the gym for ladies, and three of ‘em were stoves!”
  • “If you look at me from the side, I look like I have a little bit of Down syndrome. And I can make that joke because I actually beat Down syndrome in 1991. I’m in remission. Praise God, baby.”
  • “I ain’t being gay. There’s already too many gays out there!” He jokingly wonders how many gay people are out there and comes up with “90,000 maybe.” And adds: “With Obama in office, who knows? He’s probably buying gays from other countries, maybe – yeah. Probably getting a bunch of Chinese gays, soon. We don’t know is what I’m saying. We don’t know how many people this monkey bit, guys. We got no idea. And here’s the kicker! Science still thinks one monkey did this. Uh, hello, Science? A couple monkeys did this, OK? No offense if you’re gay, either.”

You know Von is contemporary, though, because of his liberal use of the words “dude,” “bro” and “bruh.”

In a new interview with Splitsider, Von says titling his special “No Offense” and using that term throughout his special is purposeful. “Yeah, I think so. Everybody gets a little dose of it. In the end, it’s definitely tongue-in-cheek a little bit. It’s very well thought out. Anyone who takes it 100% seriously is a fucking idiot and they need to be blasted off the earth into the stratosphere.”

As my editor at told me today after reading that: “Meep.”

See you in outer space!

Read my full review of Theo Von’s Netflix special, No Offense, on

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20 thoughts on “Review: Theo Von, “No Offense” on Netflix

  1. this article and everyone associated with it is taking yourselves too seriously. Who said “Meep?” Lighten up, lady editor, and keep trying to dictate what “funny” is. What he said is valid. Don’t take it seriously. Praise God.

    1. His jokes were pretty terrible and he pandered to people like you. So glad you liked it I guess but hopefully I don’t see any other terrible Netflix comedians like this wannabe jokester clogging up my queue.

      And since you feel the need to randomly praise God in your comment for some reason. Agnostic for the win!

  2. Why the Trump comparison, why does everyone have to relate everything so politics/Trump.
    “I got my hair cut today, that’s something Trump can’t relate to.”
    “I went shopping and saw orange crush pop-tarts, America is becoming great again.”

  3. Its so easy for a critic to go after a comedian bending the rules and pushing the bar.
    There will always be those who just aren’t ready for it.
    The critics were there for Lenny Bruce, Carlin and Prior and they are here for Von.
    Fact is that Von hilarious and forward thinking.
    Comedy needs more comedians and less critics.

    1. If he’s “pushing the bar”, he’s pushing it down. I’m against the PC movement but the special was so bad that I couldn’t get past the first 15 minutes.

  4. can everyone relax a bit, he says a bunch of ridiculous shit and creatively puts together adjectives that add to the humor of the jokes. he obviously doesn’t hate anyone and he’s just joking about shit. The southern accent makes non southerners cringe at the semi racist and feminist jokes that are so over the top they shouldn’t even begin to be taken seriously. so please just sit back and enjoy this modern day louisiana country bumpkin tell some funny over the top jokes

  5. Well, I thought No Offense was the best stand-up special I’ve seen in the past year. It’s crude and hilarious. I enjoyed it, made me laugh. Five stars, 10/10, A+

  6. Also loved it and I would consider myself pretty critical of a lot of modern comics out there right now. I think he’s killing it and this article goes to show you should always take these reviews with a pinch of salt. Can I ask what comics you do enjoy just to get a flavour?

  7. I’m pleased to report that Theo’s stand-up comedy has gotten much better in the almost three years since he recorded that Netflix hour. His newer stuff is more personal and interesting, like this story he told for Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening in 2018.

  8. I didn’t really find it funny, I’m all for offensive crude jokes. Figured since it was titled “No Offense” then there would be controversy and political incorrectness but really it was just boring. The jokes were dry, it was like talking to an awkward family member. The delivery was just bad… I had to skip through just so Netflix wouldn’t tell me to continue watching. It’s just so bad…

    1. To me, he’s a “comedian” in the Dane Cook mode. Doesn’t really tell jokes, just stories–and they’re not funny. He’s that guy in the dorm who is a good bullshitter and everybody likes to hear him talk but that’s not a comedy act.

    2. “I had to skip through just so Netflix wouldn’t tell me to continue watching”

      LOL WHAT?!?!?

  9. “Comedy reviews” are hilarious. Comedy is subjective ding dongs. Not everything is funny to everyone, but taking offense means comedy just might not be for you. I wonder do you slam any comedians of color who make similar jokes with racial and gender themes. Or maybe you don’t watch much comedy?It’s weird that a website with articles devoted to comedy is so void of joy or any laughs. Perhaps you should write about something you understand better. Comedy is not your thing.

      1. Hmmm….so you didn’t get much positive feedback from your criticisms of him, most people seemed to take his side, and now that he’s more popular you’re changing you’re tune. His comedy hasn’t changed much, if at all, he’s just more popular now. And now you’re on board. Funny how that works.

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