The new TV ad campaign for Chipotle’s fast-casual restaurant chain features the voice of Jeffrey Tambor asking comedians John Mulaney, Jillian Bell and Sam Richardson to step inside the magically giant burrito and keep it real. Because the burritos feature all real ingredients. Because people got worried about Chipotle a couple of years ago following an E.coli outbreak. You know how that goes. Right?

What’s extra funny to me, besides Tambor’s voice heckling Mulaney, is that for all of the talk about reality, they don’t identify comedian Rory Scovel at the piano by his actual name.

Kind of like when American Express had Tina Fey playing Tina Fey, but she was ordering things from a cashier played by Thomas Middleditch (who was an Emmy nominee himself, but somehow relegated in the ad). But enough about them.

Let’s check out Mulaney, Bell and Richardson get real inside a burrito. Roll the clips!