Roast Battle II begins a four-night run tonight, with new episodes at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Thursday-Sunday, following the action as 16 stand-up comedians roast each other in front of celebrity judges until only one reigns supreme live on Sunday night on Comedy Central.

I could’ve sworn that I heard Jeffrey Ross say on last night’s Conan that (SPOILER ALERT) Todd Barry makes it to the finals (the round of 16, quarters and semis were taped this week) but you’ll just have to see how it unfolds on Comedy Central this week and into the weekend.

That said, Comedy Central wants to get you pumped up with these preview teasers from tonight’s first-round action. Roll the clips!

Snoop Dogg and Anthony Jeselnik join Ross as tonight’s judges, and Snoop Dogg has been a Roaster and a rap battler, so why not Roast Battle, too…?

Here are the first eight comedians preparing for battle.

Let’s Roast!

Kurt Metzger vs. Yamaneika Saunders

Keith Carey vs. Olivia Grace

Todd Barry vs. Jessica Kirson

Alex Hooper vs. Scott Chaplain

Zac Amico vs. Matt Broussard

Jay Light vs. Frank Castillo

Evan Williams vs. Anna Valenzuela

Leah Kayajanian vs. Joe Dosch