In this conversation on The Pete Holmes Show, Holmes recalls first meeting Rob Riggle at Comix (RIP), a comedy club in New York City.

Back then, Riggle was a correspondent on The Daily Show, but also known more as an improviser or sketch comedy player than as a stand-up. Riggle here tells Holmes about how he first perceived the world of stand-up comedians. It wasn’t pretty. Holmes said he doesn’t even really think of Riggle as a stand-up.

“I hope not, because most stand-ups I know are from the land of broken toys,” Riggle replied. “They’re crazy! They’re all crazy, and mad, and pissed, and jealous, and angry, and then all of a sudden they get onstage and go, ‘Hahahaha!’ And then they come backstage and are like, ‘Eh, go to hell. Everything sucks.’ I mean. They’re the worst.”

Not like improv. Where everybody is on the same team and supporting one another.

I thought we all were on the same team?!

Roll the clip!