Does Donald Trump have no sense of humor?

Seriously, though.

I’ve only covered one Comedy Central Roast live in person, and that happened to be the 2011 Roast of Donald Trump, since he insisted it take place in Manhattan, instead of Southern California, where Comedy Central usually toasts its roast victims. Trump was a lousy guest of honor, and pretty much proves himself time and again to be a louse.

As “Roastmaster General” Jeff Ross observed on Wednesday night’s Conan, looking back on that roast, he had to remind Trump to smile and have a good time. And of course, Trump didn’t enjoy Ross’s barbs pointing out his lack of wealth and his multiple business failures. “I read your book, The Art of the Deal. It had four Chapter 11s.” Ross was on Conan to promote the second season of Roast Battle, which premieres tonight on Comedy Central.

For all of the insults Trump hurls on Twitter or lobbed from the stage during his surprisingly successful run for President of the United States, can you actually remember seeing him laugh at a joke? Or can he only smile when he thinks he’s done something good?

Seriously, though. Seriously.

Trump bombed when he attempted comedy at the traditional Al Smith Dinner in New York City just before the election.

And last year, multiple media outlets posed the question:

And this from Stephen King, the bestselling horror writer:

It’s one thing to dish out insults and call it comedy. But can Trump take a joke? Can he laugh at anything that doesn’t have to do with stroking his ego?


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