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Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan close the book on The Jim Gaffigan Show after two seasons on TV Land

The Jim Gaffigan Show is no more. Long live The Jim Gaffigan Show!

After a two-episode finale on Sunday night, Jim and Jeannine Gaffigan broke the news to fans last night on Twitter that they’d decided not to pursue a third season of their semi-autobiographical sitcom on TV Land.

Jim wrote:

After months of discussion Jeannie and I have decided to make season 2 of The Jim Gaffigan Show the final season. We realize this may surprise some and we don’t make this decision lightly. It is hard to say goodbye to this highly personal passion project, which we have nurtured and poured our hearts into for over five years. Jeannie and I are grateful that TVLand allowed us to do this show about our lives the way we wanted. It was empowering, exhilarating and exhausting. As many of you know all the episodes this season were written by Jeannie and me. Jeannie was the showrunner and I acted in virtually every scene. In one way it was a perfect scenario. We worked with an amazing cast and crew, learned tons and laughed so much. However the time commitment to make the quality of show we wanted was taking us away from our most important project, our five children. We are truly grateful for all the support friends on social media and television critics have given The Jim Gaffigan Show. Jeannie and I are excited to move forward with other creative pursuits. — Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan

Jeannie followed up on her Twitter feed with the following: “Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of love for . My heart aches for my second family that I love so much. Rest assured & I are not going anywhere & are dedicated to creating quality entertainment for years to come. The autobiographical nature of & our unique treatment of faith & humor are too precious to us to just delegate to others. Our real lives, marriage and family provide the inspiration for our comedy & our art and we need to have real life to make art. We would like to thank the incredibly talented cast and crew of for helping us actualize our dreams. We are also so appreciative of the incredible followers of to whom we dedicate each and every episode. All episodes of will continue to be available & I invite you to share in our personal & epic journey in creating these films. With gratitude I share these beautiful and heartfelt messages…”

The Jim Gaffigan Show expressed so much truth about New York City, the NYC comedy scene and the Gaffigans themselves — all while co-starring Michael Ian Black, Adam Goldberg, Ashley Williams as the TV version of “Jeannie,” and so many stand-up comedians playing themselves — that it’ll continue to occupy a soft spot in my heart and others for years to come.

The second-season finale concluded with an episode in which Jim fantasized about how he’d spend a day without his wife and kids (only to find it supporting others), followed by a heartfelt look back at his own childhood — complete with him portraying his father and one of his real-life children portraying himself as a child.

That culminated in this final segment jumping backward in time to previous generations of Gaffigans through the centuries, including a kicker that featured Jeannie and the kids, and even a literal and metaphorical shout-out to season one supporter Macauley Culkin.

Roll the clip!

You can watch all of The Jim Gaffigan Show on the TV Land app.

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