Stand-up comedian Jeff Dye has done so much television over the past few years since competing on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, I almost didn’t believe it when Jimmy Fallon introduced Dye on The Tonight Show as making his “late-night debut” on Wednesday night’s show. And yet. While you can see Dye leading Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman and William Shatner around the world on a bucket list series later this month for NBC, Better Late Than Never, you can see his stand-up on late-night network TV for the first time now. Which means he’s still introducing himself to viewers, letting us know he’s a dumb white guy, but very happy. “I’m probably happy because I’m dumb,” Dye jokes. If he’s dumb, though, what does that make the religious guy explaining the concept of two becoming one in marriage during a wedding ceremony?

Roll the clip!